Air Emissions and Animal Agriculture


Swine production is heavily concentrated in three states: North Carolina, Iowa and Minnesota. More than 47% of the hog and pig inventory in the United States is in these three states.

Swine production also predominates in the Midwest Corn Belt region, close to feed resources with the land base to utilize manure nutrients and processors that turn pigs into pork. Of the top ten hog-producing states, only North Carolina and Oklahoma are outside the area generally defined as the Corn Belt.

Farms in North Carolina tend to be larger than those in other leading states. 75% of the North Carolina hogs are reared on farms with more than 5,000 head. In Iowa, 54% of the hogs are reared on farms with inventories exceeding 5,000 head.

In the top five states listed below, 85% of the total hog and pig inventory is on farms with greater than 2,000 head.

In the table and map below, you can see that most hog production occurs in the Midwest with a large pocket of production in North Carolina.  



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Last Updated 09/07/2011