Air Emissions and Animal Agriculture

Odor and agriculture

Most people are aware that there is a certain odor that comes with agriculture and, specifically, livestock production. As our farms have gotten larger, controlling that odor has become an important task for America’s farmers. Have you ever wondered what exactly is causing that smell? You may be surprised to learn that it can come from several different locations on the farm.

Farm odors can come from three distinct areas:

It’s probably not a big shock to anyone that animals produce manure, which has a very distinctive smell. When animals are housed together, that means more manure. In addition to manure, though, livestock buildings can gather a lot of dust from their inhabitants. Dust can hold onto odor and make it stick around longer than it otherwise might. When dealing with dust and manure – whether it’s in the barns, where manure is stored, or when it is being spread on fields – farmers are doing lots of things to reduce the odor that can come along with livestock.



Last Updated 05/28/2011